General information


The Liechtenstein National Museum is a public trust belonging to the Principality of Liechtenstein. It showcases the history, culture and nature of Liechtenstein. The main museum complex in Vaduz comprises two historic buildings and a more recent extension. Since 2006 the Postal Museum and since 2015 the Treasure Chamber, both located in the neighbouring English Building, have been part of the National Museum. The Farmhouse Museum (in the Biedermann-Haus in Schellenberg) has been affiliated to the museum since 1994. The museum’s depots, atelier and workshops are in the municipality of Triesen.

A guide to the museum (available in German and English) as well as a detailed book about the history, collections, exhibitions and buildings of the National Museum are available in the museum shop and in book stores.

Vacancies: There are currently no vacancies available