SEXperts - Choosy chicks & randy rabbits

Experts are also welcome in sex. Those who sell well, choose well and are able to beat competitors have the best chances of being successful.

The exhibition explains this exciting and very complex topic based on original museum specimens for the first time in an easy and concise way.

Examples of the incredible diversity and colourfulness that resulted from sexually reproducing animals is shown and explained on over 300m2.

This special exhibition explains on the basis of 50 museum specimens,ten models and three films the process from the foreplay to the mating and finally the afterplay.  It includes dancing spiders, mating slugs and a special selection of 16 young animals.

Amt für Umwelt (AU),
Naturkundliche Sammlung
Dr. Holger Frick

Landesmuseum (LLM)
Prof. Rainer Vollkommer

Lucanus cervus / Europe to Syria
Females release odours to attract males.
The fight for the favour of the female starts if more than one male turns up.
© Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, Photo: Sven Beham

Cervus elaphus /Native in Europe to Central Asia
Females live in groups. The dominant male follows the females during the mating season and tries to keep rival competitors away.
© Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, Photo: Sven Beham

Bucephala clangula  /Palaearctic
Females hatch their eggs in tree holes 10 m above the water to protect them from predators.
© Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, Photo: Sven Beham

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